How to make a cup of Chocolate coffee

There are many ways to make a different coffee cups, can combine much more different types of location to enhance the flavor, stimulation, nutrition or ensure adequate health factors. One of which is coffee incorporates chocolate. Chocolate one of the world’s leading food, chocolate has a bitter taste both sweet, like coffee with a bitter taste, a combination of both will create a scrumptious drinks. So how prepared to harmonious combination of flavors that. Of course before you go on mixing. Coffee Chocolate also has a lot of work for people drinking on health promotion issues.
Coffee chocolate delicious delight will help you during the hot summer days, especially people with low blood pressure.
Black coffee
Fresh milk
Sugar water
Chocolate syrup


1. For pure coffee shaker in the blender.

For more fresh milk in. Fresh milk for coffee in the amount above.
Now turn to sugar water, how much dosage is dependent on the level of “sweet spot” of you.
Note: for more on the taste of salt 2-3 coffee will be darker, drink strange.

2. Then, the fresh cream into it. You can use fresh cream in liquid form but a little while, we shall also be whipped up cream should be used to decorate the cream always beaten also.

Lastly, about a small cup of ice into the blender and carefully is.

Pour a cup of coffee yet! With a formula like this, you’ll have a cup of coffee with a lot of fine bubble there.

3. Give a little whipped cream on top.

And add a little chocolate syrup lanua. Without chocolate syrup, you may melting some chocolate with whipped cream and pure are used.

If someone just like the bitter taste of coffee should also have the sweetness of sugar. Coffee chocolate is a great combination of both factors.

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