Hot coffee makes Negotiation down

There are many interesting research around coffee. It could be someone like this drink, who like to drink that. The effect of drinking coffee is good time … Among them there is a study with very high applicability. Entrepreneurs are people who work a lot, stress fatigue should drink a lot of coffee. During negotiations entrepreneurs also drink coffee. However, entrepreneurs will rethink after a study indicated that. When negotiations do not drink hot coffee at negotiations.
If you want to succeed in a negotiation, set your hot coffee cup down.

The researchers suggest the participants to the lab to answer a few short questions. But the real test began before they walked into this room.

Each participant will join a research assistant entered the lift. She has asked the participants in the experiment holding a coffee cup while you write the name of him / her.

Half of the participants hold 1 cup of hot coffee, and the other half holding iced coffee.

When the participants to the laboratory, they were asked to rate a stranger’s personality, whether they generous, caring, kind and warm.

Results showed that the participants took a cup of hot coffee strangers comment on “warm” over. The authors conclude that, while gripping something warm makes people feel more love others.

Thelma Lobel professor of Tel Aviv University, which is part of the “manifestation of awareness”, a developing field of psychology shows that spiritual life is part of your physical life. She wrote about it in his new book.

“When I was a child, we learn concepts such as near or far, soft or rough, warm or cold,” Lobel said: “On the basis of specific concepts we learn abstract concepts more. When we touch something warm, but not aware of the process, it enabled the concept of a warm personality. ”

Another experiment was done by Williams and Bargd will help us see why a hot beverage can destroy the negotiations.

In this experiment, they told the participants that they will be considered a new product – a therapy cushion – as part of a study of the consumer market. Spacers can heat or cold, the participants will be using it for some time before making a decision whether to recommend a friend to buy this product or not.

But then the real test begins. The researchers asked participants to choose a gift as a reward of the research participants. Participants can choose to enjoy their own gift or gift certificate for their friend. Only 25% of people using air cushion this gift while 50% of people use hot buffer gift option.

In other words, while holding a warm material often lead to more widespread action. This would be great to make friends – but that is the problem if you’re in a negotiation.

So if while negotiating not drink hot coffee, or something just hot, just warm. So contrary to that, according to my personal opinion, please enjoy iced coffee in the negotiations. Of course you will be ice cold means more, better negotiations.
P / S: be careful not to kick up coffee mugs important documents during negotiations. Because cold air from the ice would destroy your important documents.

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