Beautiful 5-colour coffee

Have you ever wondered that there are different types of coffee does not. Or you’re trying to find a coffee recipes unique, attractive and full of novelty. Here I would like to introduce to you a barista will make people very interested. It’s 5-color coffee or called Shining.

How making 5-color coffee?

Not too take much time and effort you’ll have a cup of cafe style completely different from other coffee cups.
-120ml Coffee. Coffee here depending on your preferences, not necessarily the most important what kind of coffee.
-5 Tablespoons sweetened condensed milk,
Spray cream, candy color,
-1 Grind stone bowl. Try to choose the type of ice hard, finely grind the mixture will mix more.

1 turn to stone grind, coffee, condensed milk in a blender. Blend for 2 minutes for the mixture smooth, beautiful.
2 Pour 2/3 cup shake out, then spray cream in full. Can decorate candy colors onto the home.
Have you noticed: Coffee challenge medium, not too thick or too thin. Depending on preference, you can increase or decrease your milk supply to fit your mouth.

So you’ve got a different coffee already. Or their opinion, the freedom you imagine a more unique coffee and started to perform alone will be very surprised with the result that a cup of coffee by themselves from idea to implementation action.

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