Memories of school age

School age with memories Friend teachers always playful. Life is beautiful that time, no worries livelihood. Every school day, chatting with relatives and peers eating sunflower seeds happily. The senior year is the year more schooling and that was when I said to taste sweet. Whenever drinking brown water thing is no longer sleepy again to focus study. From that coffee drinking habits gradually me until now.
Floods students whisper effect of these fragrant brown powder package, available in the prime of his children at least one individual box coffee box. We believe it to the point of the eye flutter as tired after a day of intense study, each child in turn stood up looking green opaque cup “dedicated” his. Any cup brown cup matches live.
Do you familiar with coffee mug sitting in school meals late at night blurred vision, familiar in the dawn need more awake to start a new school day, its bitter taste from long ceased to make us wince face. But, sometimes, when cosset on brown cup hot hand, I still sweat beads sadly recalled his time learning gong hoping life would be different …
In college, I used to and love a guy with lock. He was my age, but maturity and romantic legacy of a city guy made me surprised. And I “say” he, stupor “drunk” just the calm morning and fresh guy come over and pick me up to go to school. I sat behind him, idly singing a few words in a certain song, sip a cup of coffee in a paper he bought shops open earlier than normal. The seemingly endless stories, laughter mingled in your coffee tomorrow morning dew drops flowing crept into the dream every night. I think he’s happy forever. I’ve put too much trust in his tones and then almost mindless as its owner left me for another girl. Blatant betrayal, treachery foretold but I’ve always tried to ignore. Prolonged cold chain, bring the coffee cup out of a habit, the cowardice of a guy was not brave enough to say the end but excess liver to two girls … After that day, I was surprised that he does not remember much velvet. Is it because the reason I fell in love, my heart does not love dearly as I thought? Just know, I remember very paper cups with her many funny shapes. Just know, coffee still haunts me every morning walked out the door. Sometimes bitter choked, completely original in the chest.
Then, several days passed, I no longer remember. But it would be a cold winter morning numbness. Because when I woke after the nightmare, the clock was first moments point to the 8th hour of the day. Morning shifts began to be an hour. I tire of stepping out of blankets, shawls not forget to add a thin coat. Foreign body was discovered in the state I obediently lying on my desk in the corner of the room. As a paper coffee cup still lukewarm. Below the cup with a small card, text-based sister paper castigate yellow gold “Then there will be people you are preparing for another cup of coffee in the morning is very different, with very different feelings. I love you”. That day I determined to go to school, after many days immersed in sad memory. To move on, to live happy, because there are always people love me so much! She has painstakingly prepared to get up early coffee mug pretty small. Sister busy with more education at school, with work at a famous newspaper, but she still watches over me, though never spoken a word of consolation …
It gets cold, I drink coffee, instant coffee blindly to them in the mouth, and think about her. In the land of a dozen kilometers away from the whole of this stranger, she always had interested me most.
Thanks for life has brought me good people and thank life brought me things to drink brown water
first time but after that bitter sweetness.

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