Egg coffee

Although coffee is not one of food born in Vietnam, but Vietnam who has many coffee tastes different, thus creating many types of coffee to serve the true interests himself. If given the opportunity to Hanoi, you should enjoy one of the most unique coffees in the world “Egg coffee”.
Coffee and harmonious blend eggs, not too sweet, not too bitter, the days immediately and in perfume. If given the opportunity to Hanoi, so the coffee tasted eggs once to remember forever …
Inspired drinks from Hanoi, has become famous around the world because foreign guests after enjoying already whisper. Some people say, drinking hot coffee eggs, packed in cups plain, homely even once then remember whenever prompted to Hanoi.
Brewed coffee rather simple egg. The mixture must choose fresh chicken eggs to pose no fishy smell. Coffee is also the kind of fine pure Vietnam, passionate fragrant. Chicken egg yolk extract, beaten by hand or machine until it is fragrant smell cake and light pouring hot coffee into the middle of the cup. Emergent surface egg cup.
Coffee making eggs not too complicated, but it requires subtlety and ingenuity. Maybe so, but in Hanoi, successfully blending the shop can count on the fingers. The formula is nothing special or secret hiding place profession but very few can succeed this drink. The secret lies in decreasing the proportion of eggs, coffee and milk that truly fit your mouth, not too sweet harmony, not bitter too, the day by day and in perfume.
Place eggs Date Date blended with the aroma of coffee to make up its own flavor of coffee mugs. You should drink when still hot cup of coffee, or they would be fishy and hard drinking. Later, a number above the bar also sprinkled a little egg cup coffee brown cocoa powder, just beautiful just to add taste was very attractive capital.
But like any other traditional dishes, the drink, one must slowly stirring floating froth, put each small spoon to her mouth to eggs beaten melted, spread flavor. Coffee cup egg usually small cup low type, fit in the palm, just enough for people to enjoy, but still fragrant appetite craving and longing.
Fragrant cup of coffee is made from coffee, eggs and milk but have a strange attraction to anyone who had the opportunity to enjoy. Coffee Egg particularly suitable for people intolerant of the bitter coffee grinders, but still want to enjoy, sipping a little. This sweet, leopard, egg and milk fat will disperse away the “unpleasant” of coffee, just leave a pleasant scent and attractive.
Coffee in Hanoi first egg appeared in the early 20th century, the creator of a unique egg dish coffee is Mr. Nguyen Van Giang. Teaching tools each time a chef prepared in 5 star hotel Sofitel Legend Metropole French colonial period, has variations Capuccino dishes familiar in the West become coffee with raw eggs close but quite intense.
Tourists from around the world enjoy coffee after eggs have proved very satisfied. It’s a coffee flavor very different and is an unforgettable experience when traveling in Hanoi.

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