Some of cafeshops attractived by young people in Ha Noi

These cafes are brought in his own style to suit each audience ages. Hardly any young people coming to Hanoi or city young people have places to gather together. Here are some places cafes attract many visitors is the youth.
List of the cafe to attract young people in Hanoi
Cong Trang Tien
Address: 46 Trang Tien.
Located in subsidized cafe chain’s famous Hanoi, Cong Trang Tien is always the hottest spots of the capital, from the shop open morning to night 22h still new guests. Have time, wanted a nice seating outside, guests have to queue waiting their turn.
Located in one of the most expensive location in Hanoi’s why this restaurant is always crowded venue than the rest. This shop is located on the 2nd floor, corner Trang Tien – Nguyen Xi, a top view of the Sword Lake, a top view of the Opera House.
Runam cafe
Address: 13 Church.
“Import” from Hanoi to Saigon in late 2014, Runam cafe served as the hottest address in the early days when style to lemon, upstream, to open regular holidays. The restaurant is near the Cathedral, the facade is not wide, but also an area inside is decent table millet, enough for many decorations.
Runam most famous cafe with premium coffees brewed using expensive dedicated machines. Assorted tea cakes, lunch, dinner was always served with fairly stringent requirements, compared to a non-specialist restaurant. However, young people coming to check in more than to enjoy the food. Prices of high levels compared with the average.
Cosa Nostra
Address: 24 Tong Dan, cut Ly Dao Thanh.
Located on the corner was favored youth called “European corner in the heart of Hanoi,” Cosa Nostra never crowded throughout the period in which many guests as photography enthusiasts. It can be said, the restaurant has the most beautiful view in the cafe in Hanoi, with sweeping views, wide green eyes down flower garden, located on either side the Opera House, with no tall buildings sure sight.
Even sitting on the 1st floor, guests may also choose to angle the window, overlooking the crossroads, to sip a cup of tea, watching the afternoon sun slanting through the window in the afternoon serenity, tranquility. Cosa Nostra prices at reasonable levels, with catering.
House 9NKC
Address: 9 Nguyen Khac Can.
House 9NKC is shorthand address 9 Nguyen Khac Can. Restaurant space is quite diverse: indoors, close windows, skylights, rooftop. Being invested quite carefully in terms of design, the 9NKC is considered one of the most beautiful cafe in Hanoi, though not much outdoor space.
It was by a unique design that often appear in shop image of the check in beautiful hotgirl, fashionista.
Prices are quite expensive compared to quality. Consistent with the lunch, dinner.
The Kafe
Address: 18 Dien Bien Phu.
Almost 2 years ago, The Kafe on Dien Bien Phu Street belongs to the hot number one by a very simple layout space but modern amenities. At that time, The Kafe forefront for d├ęcor shop with large windows, plain wooden furniture is very Western.
Currently, The Kafe has more branches as restaurants, fast food … but the address at Dien Bien Phu still attract tourists due to its location in the center.
Cosmo Ground Floor
Address: 10 Khuc Hao.
The new name makes you feel a bit strange but it actually opened on the ground floor Cosmo background old shop La Vie en Rose called on streets Khuc Hao quiet, peaceful. Quan was an old mansion, with cool space in the yard under the trees tall.
If you need a quiet place, you can visit the 2nd floor balcony, hide yourself in lush, fresh, relaxing to read a book without anyone find you. The ground floor is connected with Cosmo Fashion designer shops, many diners in his spare time was convenient visit and find dresses like that.
Ground floor Cosmo is a great choice for anyone who “autism”, looking for a “Jiangshan” dedicated to her. In addition to beverages, pastries and savory bar.
Cup of tea cafe & bistro
Address: 8/81 Linh Lang.
Maybe you will be surprised by a rather obscure corners cafe, away from downtown, but is well known, even popular with foreigners. Not hard to find a western guests sat sipping tea, flip through the pages of newspaper space furnished bar and green friendly as home gardens.
Cup of Tea has long been under-name goods in the cafe were teenagers love. Not only beautifully decorated, the restaurant also had plenty of delicious cakes, artistically furnished, is no less an expensive restaurant.
Prices quite pleasant, enthusiastic staff, cute.
Address: 45 Tran Quoc Toan.
Although the tea shop but no cocoon E.tea guests, who arrived once all want to go back. Located in a quiet street corner in downtown, the restaurant has a romantic balcony with white iron furniture, looked down the line of people slowly, calm, gives the guests the most relaxing moments.
Spaces are simply furnished bar, tiled floor, windows to welcome the sun, creating a feeling of closeness like home. Photo: FB Etea.
Spaces are simply furnished bar, tiled floor, windows to welcome the sun, creating a feeling of closeness like home. Photo: FB Etea.
Furniture shop not too picky, giving guests the feeling loved as home. You can sit here all day to invite rust confide, to read alone or focused work. E.tea served hot tea, cold tea and some cakes.
Address: 89 Trieu Vuong Vietnamese.
With offices around the area she Vincom, D’alice became familiar address check in with European royal style, sophisticated design, tune momentum. If accidentally saw someone shooting with special chair, with high beam to the top of the seat back, you’ll know right location where the person is “refuge”. D’alice serves mainly tea and cakes, well furnished home.
Toast’n Tea Cafe & Food
Address: 15 Hoang Cau.
Toast’n Tea Cafe & Food is located on road but turns out elevated railway construction site under construction, but not the reason why the place crowded. 1st floor of the shop, bicycle shop, shop space located on the 2nd floor.
Quan maximize external light up 100% glass-paneled exterior, painted black 2 white walls and furniture, creating a modern feel, clean.
The bar has plenty of food for lunch and dinner. Your loyal guests are students in Dong Da District. Tea Toast’n located quite near the X98, one of the venues are known.


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