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In the world there are many types of coffee, more when advances in science grows and with it the experimental cultivation of coffee on the ground with suitable conditions and more. Since then there are many kinds of coffee with delicious flavors to be found. It has found a lot of coffee in the world, each bringing a quality, personal taste, and of course, their prices also vary. Coffee is often dubbed the most tender substance, is the favorite drink of many ages, many layers. Coffee is one of the most popular export world. It has found a lot of coffee in the world, each bringing a quality, personal taste, and of course our prices are different. If you are a coffee drinker, passionate taste it, you also had to experience that kind of coffee is expensive, but surely you will have slightly unfamiliar with the following 10 names? Cheapest type of list price $ 24 (~ 510 thousand) for each Lb (~ 453 grams)
1.Luwak Coffee (Indonesia) $ -160 / lb (~ 165 USD)
Luwak coffee – often known by name weasel coffee – worthy of the No. 1 in a list of the most expensive coffees in the world. This coffee has such a high price because the production process extremely difficult and distinct. This type of beans are collected from … civet droppings. It is thought that by the digestion of beans civets that special taste. They are extremely expensive and extremely rare in the world with a $ 160 price per pound.
Hacienda La Esmeralda 2. (Boquete, Panama) – $ 104 / lb ($ 100)
Hacienda La Esmeralda coffee is grown especially in Boquete, Panama. Coffee lovers all over the world love coffee because of its unique taste. Coffee crops are mainly cultivated under the shade of old guava trees. If you want can try coffee Hacienda La Esmeralda, be prepared to pay at least $ 104 per pound.
3. St. Helena Coffee Company’s Island (St. Helena) $ -79 / lb (~ $ 75)
St Helena Island lies off the coast of Africa, 1,200 miles away, is where you find St. Helena coffee is grown and bred. Napoleon Bonaparte had already popular varieties of coffee. Who praised it and sow their seeds on the island of St Helena. If you can afford to spend khoang79 $ / pound of coffee, try this brand.
4. El Injerto (Huehuetenango, Guatemala) – $ 50 / lb (~ 47,6usd)
El Injerto coffee originated from the territory of Huehuetenango, Guatemala. In 2006, El Injerto has received gold medal for the prestigious award of Excellence Cup. Although only received 4th place in the list, El Injerto coffee still very expensive price, because you can only buy it when spent at least $ 50 / pound.
Fazenda Santa Ines 5. (Minas Gerais, Brazil) – $ 50 / lb (~ 47,5usd)
For about $ 50 per pound, Fazenda Santa Ines coffee is undoubtedly one of the most expensive coffee in the world. It is produced by the Minas Geraiz, Brazil. Production at Fazenda Santa Ines farms are quite impressive, they grow coffee the traditional way and not used to craft machines. Flavor of Fazenda Santa Ines coffee reminiscent of fruit sweetness and caramel.
6. Blue Mountain (Wallenford Estate, Jamaica) $ -49 / lb (~ 47usd)
The name is taken from the main Blue Mountain coffee production location, Blue Mountains, Jamaica. For several decades, this relentless search brand is the world’s largest. More than 80% of export products of Blue Mountain is exported to Japan. If you can spend $ 49 for 1 pound of coffee, the mild taste, bitter at the Blue Mountain is for you.
7.Los Planes (Citala, El Salvador) – $ 40 / lb (~ 37,2usd)
Los Planes is a type of coffee is grown in Citala, El Salvador. This type of coffee 2nd Cup Awards of Excellence 206. Our prices are quite high $ 40 / pound, but it certainly makes you change the perception of the taste of coffee has ever tasted.
8. Hawaiian Kona Coffee (Hawaii) – $ 34 / lb (~ USD 33)
Hawaiin Kona cofee are trademarks of coffees are grown and cared for at Mauna Loa and Hualalai, South and North Kona, Hawaii. Only coffee grown and receiver or from a new area called ‘Kona. Hawaii Kona Coffee has exquisite taste, bring special relaxation while enjoying. Their price is $ 34 / pound.
9. Rwanda Blue Bourbon 9. Starbucks (Gatare / Karengera, Rwanda) $ -24 / lb (~ USD 24)
Rwanda Blue Bourbon Starbucks because basically known as the region’s coffee and Karengara Gatare, Rwanda. Starbucks coffee has introduced the next expensive when the company arrived in the Rwandan coffee washing in 2003. Today, you will see green coffee farmers Bourbon as his second major crops. Beautiful shells also cost you $ 24 for each pound of finished products.
10. Yauco Selecto AA 10 (Puerto Rico) – $ 24 / lb (~ USD 24)
Coffee Yauco region, Puerto Rico is one of the subtle coffee flavor in the world. It has mild flavor, delicious special and most coffee lovers worldwide popularity. Of course, you also need to “bear playing” a little to own these beverages.

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