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Coffee comes to the office, I can understand it’s 2 in 1 combination between lunch and coffee called cafe serving lunch.
In recent years, the cafe “2 in 1” – ie coffee cum office lunch – mushroomed. Just about 11h30-12h lunch is workers and employees get together for a meal office. No coincidence that the office lunch forms sprang up everywhere in the city according to the cafe to eat. With limited time lunch break, continental scene arrange home run continuously worry for the family lunch seemed lost, instead, office lunch, just hygienic, ensuring hours of rest. About two or three years ago, only the dinner guests are seated freezer scene dine. Meanwhile, the “food” is secondary, mainly coffee. The owner is not interested in the investment for quality cuisine meal should usually mild dishes stomach lining. Gradually, restaurants eating habits were “upgraded”, needs a tasty meal with increased quality cafes make this investment could not “improve quality” meal. Now, the competition not only in price but also in quality, how to make guests feel “rice restaurant” still brings warmth as rice family. Com office business methods become very effective. Come to the cafe “2 in 1”, the guests can enjoy a family meal complete with warehouses dishes, stir-fry, soup daily changes in a space quite luxurious but affordable. The big shop, with garden or partial live music ranging from 1-1.5 rice $. The smaller shops, cozy atmosphere, far from the city center, about 0,6-0,7¬†usd slightly. The convenience was in place after the “belly” may continue to drink chat, chat. Com office air conditioning gradually replace the lunch buffet restaurant or roadside diner for comfort in the hot sun of a tropical country.
Office coffee always and choice for people who want business that specializes in the food and coffee. Of course the delicious bar always attracted many visitors but ask about the lunch and coffee here are not too high, not like coffee at the coffee shop, professional office coffee in rice shop Rooms often have relatively normal quality, and price is also normal.

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