Coffee taste bitter and sadness


Enjoy coffee is not merely something to drink ordinary water, filtered water for thirsty deflected, energy drinks give you more health, give you a refreshing soda. But all a physical element. Enjoy coffee as you are directed to the interior, think about life with the question “Why?”
For me, the coffee was never belonged to the crowds, noise, hurry. The more alone, more delicious coffee, the black, the more bitter, the more deeply.

People still talk, drink coffee is not just enjoy something playboy, drink coffee gradually became a culture, to push given story, to back away from decentralization, to relieve the late disturb and to find the memories. In each place people pass through every step will have stories to tell about the coffee. Each little cup of coffee drops fall as each droplet touches the depths of the heart center in the sealing. Lonely there but the constant waves of black coffee cup, people see life seems only one thing, that wander, is adrift, is immersed with a slow breath of time.

Will mature and lonely, but mature and we again see life there are those moments of loneliness to realize themselves know just how interesting, such as drinking coffee, then place the tongue bitter taste gradually eventually feel the sweet taste pleasant aroma pervades the whole body, permeates each neuron makes it clear, smooth and pleasant.

Referring to coffee, coffee with racket Saigon, Hanoi coffee grinders. Whether various mixing, the drink still must wait. Waiting is not only a taste, but also a quintessence is chiu, accumulated through every moment in life slowed. For coffee drinkers that said, life is waiting. From a habit for a small hobby, people gradually see things in life just waiting patiently for it will diminish a lot of damage. Wait a second red light, slowness few km speed how does reducing traffic accidents. Wait a minute queue, how many people do not get tired irritable. Waiting is never a disadvantage, because the life which only take away the hurried footsteps, not penalize those steps made known.

Then, life suddenly fit in a coffee cup. Just something bitter bitter black black water that people have known how much contemplate the life, the truth, the love and memories. Turns out, things seemed to drink in his bitter black water as drinking water this item is on both a soul. The soul of the farmers have cultivated nurtured. The soul of the artist accurately calculated for each batch of roasted coffee. The soul of the artist has successfully formulated a great cup of coffee from the taste to the image. Romantic soul of her guests onion relish.

Coffee to go into the life of Vietnam since the French people arrived here. Coffee gradually go from niche to crowded places, away from the pockets of the wealthy modest pocketbooks of workers, coffee became the second strong spiritual cohesion. There needs to know who he was, profession, just love coffee is brighter will sit on an old stool listed is listed on the sidewalk display, waiting to enjoy coffee in glass cups stock losses have yellowed, on which face the color filter has also irritated by coffee, by time, listen to  music coming from the loudspeakers. A new day will begin like that.

And also it will again end the day with coffee. But in quieter ways. For me, the coffee has never been and will never be things of the crowds, noise and rush. The more alone, more delicious coffee, the black, the more bitter, the more deeply. Only in silence, people undergoing heart the secret feeling. Opening times, something also live fast, live in a hurry, coffee is probably the only thing keeping enough people back to the waiting, for that reflection. Inside is a little glass cup coffee grinders fall, people experiencing their heart in the center of joy and sorrow, memories were seemingly asleep, the emotional calluses almost before turbulent life.
Perhaps, only those who understand the pain, has instilled the feeling split embryo, have a headache of feeling alone can create the most appropriate music to blend with the quality of the coffee bitter. Sometimes people come to coffee drinks is not because that to find something that people think is already lost. So there are moments, I made myself a cup of hot coffee, holding it inside, inhaling the scent, but not drink, only to find things have gone very far on a domain.

Anyway, the pain wine, coffee for sadness, but the sadness is taking so that all, for immediate access to where my heart? Then go slowly but live, coffee will melt and then will relieve sadness … Life is funny sometimes, as I stir the spoon, the soup spoon linen heard touching the cup, where coffee is just to drink and sadness Where just to forget.

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