Best coffee from Cau Dat, Da Lat

Da Lat city of love, romance, fresh air all year round cool, Dalat mention refers to the beautiful tourist city with many attractions famous resort. In addition it also has a famous address in the world that is home to Land Bridge, which offers one of the world’s best coffee was Starbucks introduced to everyone. Here I would recommend to anyone who enjoys over coffee a paradise locations such as coffee produced there.
Sour taste, slightly bitter, coffee color light brown, amber, clear of creating a land bridge Arabica (Xuan Truong, Dalat) completely different than coffee in other regions. Gourmet arabica coffee also says Cau Dat ethereal taste, noble, creating elegance and charm …

The higher, colder, more for coffee beans arabiaca excellent quality, “a genuine farmer said arabica coffee.” His family currently has about 3 ha Arabicas, every year except for the cost of all revenue from 15-25k usd / 3 ha. The characteristics of local interests bias the Cau Dat has brought to farmers here plentifully agricultural products such as coffee, tea, red … in altitude of 1600m above sea level, cold climate , mist, basaltic soils suitable for coffee, so from several decades, people still cling Cau Dat coffee tree to survive and grow. Yes year of unfavorable weather and crop failures, but in season, hit by price, just two people build a house for the mansion, buy a car, raising children to college lightly.

The land bridge is 1,100 ha of coffee, coffee 98% catimo (also known as arabica). About 7 years ago, people grow mostly coffee moka, however due to borer disease, insect raging bar so people have converted gradually into tree arabica due to better disease resistance, drought tolerance stronger . Currently local authorities are mobilizing citizens to continue renovating old coffee gardens to grow arabica, apply standards 4C, formed cooperatives for sustainable coffee production in village with 120 households Cau Dat People involved.

Learn practical in households, from coffee plantations, as we know, farmers Cau Dat has more advantages than people elsewhere. It was the dry season, growing coffee in Cau Dat is not watered, due to fog at night helps radiate down leaves, trees absorb water, moisture for crops should still flowering, fruiting are. Because of lower costs so watered coffee farmers to invest in fertilizers, pesticides, tending, weeding should be even more lush trees for big fruits, are beautiful. Learn more thoroughly why the Cau Dat Arabica coffee taste better elsewhere, the simple reason is because of the way they harvest is different than coffee growers prune pickers only Cau Dat, where nine to go there to pick up coffee harvest time lasts from October last year to February, in March the following year, not harvested both green and ripe massive, young and old as elsewhere. People just screw spike to pick ripe fruit rather than breaking twigs, stalks breaking as elsewhere, in order to also spike that year, continued to flowering, fruit. That’s the way to make up the difference aromatic arabica Cau Dat – the coffee world is currently very popular. Arabica accounts for 2/3 of coffee to the world, mostly concentrated in Brazil.

To distinguish the difference between arabica and robusta coffee, arabica coffee trees here have good shape green, dark green leaves, as opposed to, longish beans.

Dalat is known as “paradise on earth” not only by the beautiful natural landscape, but the nature of the deals have created the unique agricultural products. Arabica Cau Dat is a clear proof of the high quality products in the country today. The development and protection of the Cau Dat Coffee brand is what the farmers are longing Land Bridge.
Development branded coffee Cau Dat is mandatory, coffee growers here are proud to live where there is intelligent one of the finest coffee in the world.

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