The Recipe to making a tasty and charming coffee

I used to refer more to the problem of how coffee for tasty in the previous post. This article also mentions, also known as reiterated in the preparation. But this time I will guide you to complete all the steps from the selection of coffees and coffee after enjoying complete, influence how to feel the taste of coffee.
4 simple tips below will help you enjoy a latte at home and contribute to efficiency savings.

To make 1 cup of good coffee in style, the choice of buying the coffee is very important, so you need to keep in mind:

– Buy organic coffee, apparently originated because the current “improper quality coffee” is spreading in the market. It’s best to buy coffees of the garden or Type 1 of the famous coffee brands, prestige.
– The secret to tasty coffee: So 3-5 mix different types of coffee because coffee each will have one characteristic taste, others have more bitterness, which kind of fragrant “is a coffee cafĂ© “, others have the fat, … the mix of types of coffee at the rate your favorite taste will help you get a delicious cup of coffee tasty. You should mix 1 was approximately 500g, used up the mix further.

Preparing the filter, espresso cups to delicious

Filter and cups for coffee if chosen properly will help you buy coffee flavor, keep the taste better coffee, flavored coffee helped charming. Ideally, you should use porcelain cups for coffee and coffee pot buy good kind, made of stainless steel, which has holes small, compressed and bottom part separated for good coffee powder is compressed, and the osmotic effect out every drop of latte.

Fully implement steps for making good coffee

Step 1: Prepare the filter, espresso cups to ensure a clean, dry, coated filters, hot cup of boiling water for a delicious cup of coffee over.
Step 2: Give 1 coffee sufficient amount into the filter, about half the filter, gently shook hands, both hands just ramming (not compressed too tightly, the water will not saturate fully coffee powder). Using boiling water very hot, about 95 degrees C to 100 degrees C delicious new coffee offline.
Step 3: Let a little water on and wait about 1 minute for the coffee bloom all out, then start processing more water, maximum water level was only about 2/3 filter or a little more. In case you want to get more coffee water, let the water 1 coffee all gone out of use 1 cup of coffee to get water other two, rather than dilute soon it will lose flavor of 1 coffee water.
Step 4: Pour 1-2 cups of coffee in grain refined salt 1 condensed milk will help coffee flavor, with attractive colors, delicious, bold lines and reduce odors after being sour mouth While enjoying.

How to enjoy a good coffee: This is an extremely important step. Many of you believe that drinking coffee is just not interested in the detailed guidelines. Enjoy coffee must also have its own norms and rules that generally everyone likes to drink coffee admitted. So let’s begin to learn and practice always offline.

After you mix 1 cup of coffee was delicious, and you can add sugar, milk, ice as you like, however only with a moderate amount of food only if accompanied by the will to lose flavor tasty cup of pure coffee.
Do not drink coffee rush, let’s sip, sips to feel slowly, surely will give you the feel very special.

Self delicious espresso at home to enjoy not only help you save money, hygiene, but also scored high marks in his eyes communes, especially for coffee lovers husbands then this great recipes great. Wish you successful application and enjoy daily gourmet coffee

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