Enjoy the unplugged music in coffee restaurant

Altogether go see live music, live music was a habit of the workers after a hard working day when people want to get closer to the music to relieve the tension of work and life.
Coffee incredibly diverse live music almost every shop and bring a semblance, a personal choice.
To know more about coffee style very special and attractive could say a little bit about the place that I have frequented and was very familiar in Saigon as follows:
Youthful and a bit … Western
Same with Yoko Inaba is consistent Carmen hotel on Ly Tu Trong. This shop is located in the basement for a house, decorated impressively styled a bar than a restaurant. Guests to this shop was sitting on a wooden chair with the following table wine barrel. The band specializes in performing Carmen Flamenco version of America’s most popular music interspersed few Nguyen Anh 9 hotels gut Carmen … West and mostly young people working for foreign companies. They go there every night simply because the atmosphere … very Carmen to drink coffee or beer can sitting … crap and listen to music until 12 midnight.
Not to mention Seventeen Salon at 17 Ton Duc Thang Street, District 1. Premises quite wide including 3 stories, his young owner has invested a lot of money to create a unique style and professionalism. Seventeen Salon furnished Far West cowboy bar with the old saddle, boots shoes of the 50s, whip, belt leather cowboy hanging on the wall … Tables and chairs are shaping style small wooden trees. In particular, the Seventeen Salon N’Roll just playing Rock Band with singer foreigners include nguoiPhilippines. Guests of the Seventeen Salon includes people from 28 to 40, rock and understanding of bat greeting card.
Romance and romantic
Young people now look people in the cafe specializing in live music and singing Trinh Cong Son, the pre-war or a question Aaron Green comments “discerning those people too!”. Can also discerning truth because they are loyal to a “taste” a little music academy a little before the new wave of music fascinated the young massively. Therefore, the nostalgic style cafe so never crowded. In the coffee shop Turtle Lake Hanoi and I. The owner is a North has … “chant of” Full Nguyen. Plump, ponytail hair to travel large motorcycles, Full Nguyen and singer nightly live show of music programs in this shop. Voice “rustic” husky, good but not necessarily sing songs about Hanoi’s Nguyen Toan himself embroiled guitar accompaniment rather crowded Hanoi people living in the City. Maybe they’re looking for a little nostalgia of the land “where I was born in Hanoi,” they had left behind to take the South make a living. Each night, Full Nguyen sings no less than 10 items regardless weathered or something away. Certainly Nguyen was the biggest theater for its water each year, he sang continuously over 3,500 songs!
In the first house Le Thanh Ton Street, District 1, cafes Galaxy quite luxurious located upstairs. This shop specializes in pre-war music and music played by a male singer Trinh have similar vocal singer Tuan Ngoc presented abroad. In shop AQ, Mac Dinh Chi Street corner – Tran Cao Van Street, District 1, every night, the band specializes pull violin music loving, lyrical archaic air in the cabin of perennial …
Exclude like English tea rooms Dong Silk, I & I … with professional singers performing, the cafe or coffee bar in this city do not meet the small demand on the part music with age U20 to U40 age. After a day of hard work, with a moderate amount, to which they can drop by the lyrical and familiar tunes in space is equally romantic and sometimes … romantic again!

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