Whether two cats live in harmony with each other or not is up to you

If you want to introduce two cats to each other and make sure that they can live together in peace, please consult our advice.
You will need
• Two separate rooms
• Blankets or towels
• The door is closed
• Shared room

Step 1: Separate the two cats apart
Initially, keep the two cats in separate rooms of your home. Do not let them close together.
Slowly introduce them to each other. The more patient you are, the easier it is to accept the enemy.

Step 2: Exchange scents
Exchange scents of two cats. Rub a blanket or towel over one cat’s fur and bring it to the other. Then, hand the towel that smells of the second cat to the first cat. Continue to do so for a few days.

Step 3: Increase exposure
Increase contact between two cats. Keep them on opposite sides of a closed door. Each child will gradually get used to the idea of having a second cat in the house.

Step 4: Make contact with cats
Keep the cats in direct contact with each other. Remember, it’s okay to be a little angry.
Distract the two cats if they start to growl or hiss. Separate them if they continue to do so, then slowly let them get to know each other again.
Step 5: Let the relationship develop
Let the relationship between the two cats grow until they are comfortable sitting side by side in the same room. Maybe, they will become good friends from time to time without you noticing, or at least kind neighbors.

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