The combination of robusta and arabica: the intersection between the gentleman

With a lot of people, sipping the bitter taste of a cup of coffee with scented aroma is not only fun but also enjoy, pondering on life. However, to make a cup of delicious coffee, suitable for the taste of the people enjoy is an art!

Vietnamese coffee style is very personal, they do not consider coffee as fast drink, have anti-sleep effect as Westerners.

Sitting on the side of a cup of coffee, just take a sip and read the newspaper, listen to music or chat with friends, partners … is also a way to reflect on life, sharing about life … Side cup of coffee, soul I like to be static again. So, with so many people choosing a coffee shop, or the taste of their favorite coffee, nothing can change them.

Vietnamese coffee style is very personal, they do not consider coffee as fast drink, have anti-sleep effect as Westerners.

Taste from the mix of raw coffee reasonable

In the world as in Vietnam, Arabica and Robusta are two of the most popular. Compared to Robusta coffee, Arabica coffee requires planting in higher ground, cooler climate. The time for Arabica coffee to ripen is longer, yield is also lower. However, the Arabica coffee beans taste better, so the price of it is twice as high as Robusta coffee.

While Robusta coffee is considered “easy-going”, it enjoys warmer and drier climatic conditions. This type of coffee is bitter, caffeine and more concentrated and should be quite suitable for men. Arabica coffee is very fragrant, bitter, sour taste, less caffeine should be very popular women.

The combination of Arabica and Robusta coffee will create a balance
Enriched for cup of coffee.

Therefore, the mix between Arabica and Robusta will create a balance and rich coffee cups. The aroma of Arabica when combined with the robustness of Robusta will create a perfect coffee and suitable for flavor and taste of Vietnamese coffee.

Mixing ratio (also known as blending) 30% Arabica 70% Robusta is suitable for bitter tastes but wants more fragrance. Enjoy the pure coffee mix between Arabica and Robusta, you will have a new experience of richness, novelty and extremely attractive in the coffee world that you have to explore a lot. .

Good coffee also mix well

In addition to the carefully selected ingredients, the blending also contributes significantly to the consistency of a cup of coffee, whether you enjoy it at home or outside.

A cup of pure coffee carefully prepared will bring unforgettable taste.

In the 19th century people used to use coffee beans to make coffee with the general principle that hot water passes through coffee powder. Water will go down from the top thanks to gravity, while coffee powder is retained by the filter.

Before making any preparations, make sure the cups and cups are clean to enjoy the full aroma of pure coffee.

In this way, people often use coffee powder medium. Before mixing, make sure the jug and cup are clean and dry by rinsing them with boiling water. Use pure water, the more pure your cup of coffee the better. The amount of coffee required depends on the preferences of each person. However, the average use of coffee is 5/10 or 6/10.

When the small coffee is gone down the glass, can sugar to stir, drink hot or add ice. If you drink coffee milk, put the condensed milk in the glass first, then put the glass in a glass of boiling water, then to pour the coffee up and water, coffee will keep the heat needed.

Before adding ice, stir the coffee and sugar or milk, so that the ingredients are completely blended together. The finished coffee is absolutely not re-warming because it will fly off the taste.

Although there are differences in the way the preparation depends on each person’s conditions, the most common principles for having a good cup of coffee are: boiling water, soaking, permeating through the filter and osmosis by pressure. Accordingly, no matter what method you choose, there should be: pure water, chlorine free, temperature from 90-95 degrees Celsius. If the water is not hot enough, the flavors of coffee will not be extracted. , making the drink a bitter taste. In addition, the tools used to make coffee should be very clean, so you can enjoy the full flavor and charm in every drop of coffee.

Coffee mix is ​​great and requires a little refinement, try creative to create your own formula suitable for your taste. Wish you success with passion with coffee!

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