Coffee Kopi Luwak

Since ancient times, when the large garden coffee plantation in Vietnam are located next to the forest, the coffee growers have to live with a wide variety of wild animals, people most often squirrels, porcupines, weasels run jump in planting their gardens.
In wildlife, carnivorous genus as weasels sometimes like rodent ripe berries when crop harvesting. Nature very well known choice, coffee in the vast forest, as such incense ferret fear anyone, often roaming around coffee climb from tree to tree to find the ripe berries arrived, the stage Most are more sweeteners.
Nor was it coincidence that this is the best period for farmers to gather the fruit, not green but not too ripe, to be fermented in the trees.
Weasel always chose not defective fruit, still not choose yellow, fruit, unripe, nor choose to eat cooked RUC. Unlike other species of rodent only sweet part of the meat and release the nuclear envelope, mink are both nuclear swallowed whole layer of flesh still attached.
Coffee beans into the stomach after mink perhaps combined with a certain enzyme, the housing of fruit is fermented meat do some chemical transformation in making quality seed after a fragrant roasted flavor shine exotic aroma.
At first farmers who do not yet know what this special coffee from shit weasels, but due to the ferret has a strange behavior when defecate outside, never they just come right some point because it was selected , do not go around, nomad.
Initially, when natural noticed a sticky coffee moments ever string together people Farmers of nowhere which coffees such as animal feces, but perhaps unfortunately large garden strewn coffee , so they were collected, dried, pounding out by hand and noticed from silk to the nuclear envelope inside the state are protected very well, when roasted seen incredible aroma and a very soothing drink, sweet little later, most especially the excitement, euphoria after drinking coffee, even with those who do not fit very well with caffeine do not see the thrill as when drinking a cup of regular coffee .
Later it was revealed more weasel coffee acts as retaining and enhancing the good qualities of coffee that reduces the maximum light level of caffeine found in coffee, even for coffee stand English is very high caffeine content as Robusta (Robusta coffee).
Before the farmers know how to make coffee mink from farms, coffee is absolutely not seen on the market, because the number is too little but too delicious, people often picked, dried and let its users, or just the gift for a close friend who appreciated coffees very special.
The urbanization dwindling habitat of weasel species, as well as due to the hunting bluff, ferret incense increasingly rare in the wild, take a time table for nearly 10-15 years seem not anyone remember or know to weasel coffee, even some young people still do not believe in the future of coffee a language once cracked.
From the spontaneous but also when for attachment to a perfect cup of coffee is in danger of fading, some coffee farmers have been breeding ferrets caught from natural flavors and skinny like. According lesson nature has taught them, today some farmers are very adept at controlling the birth of ferrets for breeding, choose to pick the right kind of coffee to taste food for ferrets when autumn and planning to ensure the ferret food is mainly meat for the duration of the year, because coffee is not the main food of mink.
Coffee production processes Weasel therefore becomes complicated and requires perseverance and a lot of effort to be able to give birth to the most excellent coffee this planet.
Farmers have to pick a selection of fruit trees have the best coffee, red ripe correct range, not on each plant pests and sometimes only a few dozen choices to get results.
Mink are carnivores taste, coffee is just extra food of this species. So just the best county in the basket was carefully selected by the farmer are weasels flavor notice.
As ferrets do not swallow the fruit flavor of coffee but nhằn shelled, just swallow the seed is wrapped in thin batons, coffee should have thicker layer of flesh, sweet, my chances are increasingly choosing to eat more high Weasel. Pulp layer of constituent particles are also associated with stomach enzymes to ferment mink.
au 4 to 5 hours in the ferret’s stomach flavor, the beans wrapped in parchment was excreted as stool – after being fermented in the digestive acid in the stomach and converted catalyzed part by digestive enzymes in the gut mink.
The collection and processing of coffee bars are wet mink extremely important and meticulous, must naturally dried in the sun for 24 hours inside the bean’s not black, but just right drying temperature enough so as not to affect the fermentation process is ongoing within the parchment of coffee bars mink.
To get the weasel coffee bars, farmers must foster ferrets over the 10 months of the year (the month no coffee for the mink eat). During that time to keep the ferret is healthy for mink farmers have high protein foods like chicken, tripe, frogs … etc
Weasel coffee products will be kept in parchment and is to buy in the form of bars. Coffee bars are dried weasel again to put in a blender, shelling, sorting size sieve before being roasted and mill area.
It must be said that this is a process of working very seriously and meticulously, from farmers to the processing plant in roasting by energy value of many people throughout the years to get a product to dedication to consumers a product bearing the unique and greatest.

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