Favorites Western-style coffees shop in Saigon

Tourists arriving in Saigon if you want a grab coffee address in a novel style, differences will be addressed below. The stylish cafe West, harmoniously combined help you immerse yourself in a completely different space.

French romantic, nostalgic of Italy, American wild … is the experience of western style cafes bring diners.

1.Country House coffee
These trails, windows overhead, the women milk the cows or the windmills …, Country House cafe recreate the beauty of the Netherlands in particular and peaceful countryside scenery of Europe general. Here, you can choose a dozen different angles to feel the richness in design, decoration and architecture.

2. Zin coffee
The first impression of coffee Zin rough walls hidden under the ancient tree and wild, carefree pleasant cool medium. Open shop space with a bar style design far west cowboy in a movie with the more consistent themes make this thread. Not only the space, the music sounding cheerful, wild cowboy songs, the more that you could not bear to leave.

3. coffee Lazie
Inspired by European gardens, architecture Lazie delicate, gentle with white wooden houses, the windows small, dark golden parachute for some degree of Vintage romance of flowers West loving. The bar has 4 rooms with separate quiet space and named a leading flower for 4 seasons.

4. She coffee
She is one of 13 coffee cafe travelers should vote to Saigon. Coming here, you will be surprised with the comfort and quiet to relax, read or work. The only minus point is the bar on the first floor of a small apartment on Pasteur street, you must send the vehicle, new stairs to the restaurant.

5. Déjà vu coffee
Déjà vu that anyone arriving in the bar are comfortable, relaxing. Felt like I rediscovered my place belongs. This is also the owner’s mind, an architecture enthusiast and art to all those who sympathize or those who are called guests in this house.

6. Vecchio Coffee
The space and design of Vecchio Cafe puts a reference to the home of Southern Italy. Dotted for this style is black and white TV set in the previous decade, typewriter, desk chicken … the immortal love songs or love songs that every enthusiast.

7. Angelique Coffee Bistro
Located on the 1st floor of a small apartment complex near the city of Lanterns, Angelique Bistro peaceful, quiet rare than a Saigon is always crowded and busy. The shop is designed in classic style of French romance the main colors are red brown green sophistication and cool.

8. L’Usine coffee
L’Usine French cafe with bold architecture. Shop is located at the 1st floor apartment Dong Khoi Street. Entrance to the shop is a gallery of reproductions, paintings souvenirs and fashion shops. With its open design, the space has a warm, this place is for those who like to explore, nostalgic or nurtured many creative ideas.

9. Golden Mountain Coffee
a café studio inside the mansion was built in 1885 with the French architectural style influenced by Western Europe. Spaces and furniture shop is a combination of milky white color, yellow, blue, red purple romantic soothing.

There are also several cafes with unique architecture and fancy foreign style. You share with yourselves.

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