Thọ Cafe – A mark of old Hanoi

ThoCafe located on the Trieu Viet Vuong  street which is famous street of café in Hanoi has about 25 years. On this street, there are many big and small cafe but it is still the place to be people choose, I do not understand why ThoCafe have that strange attraction to that. This is a family café Hanoi’s original home by 5 brothers in the build-up. Many explained that they came ThoCafe of habit from the students. At that time poor, have no money, but the coffee here is cheap so the new students to the many years of long well-known. ThoCafe is the highlight of Vietnam in Trieu Viet Vuong street of café.

 Leaving behind the hustle of modern life, such ThoCafe café space takes us back to simplicity, simple but no less elegant Hanoi’s a quaint corner. The wooden door panels change color, sticky neck almost unaffected by life’s urban customers attractions while exploring the space here. From the outside looking in, always crowded bar Different most of the cafes in Hanoi is currently being “westernized”, the café ThoCafe remained loyal to the style that made ​​her own over the years. As the café’s original Hanoi family, when parents are no longer, five children had to unite together to build consistency.Therefore when it comes to coffee ThoCafe diners not only impressed by the beauty of the ancient Hanoi in space exudes ancient villa that beauty which is also reflected in services, family love solidarity. Unlike the humble appearance, the more deeply inside, diners as surprised by the space stretches, airy. It’s small garden is located central location of the villa, a long row alley suitable for those who love style bustle of sidewalk cafes. As for those who need space for the conversation, the space on the second floor is a great choice. Take the stairs of ebony black, looked on as the roof was covered with colored dome moss, diners as a great surprise he was back to Hanoi the 50s of last century. In addition, the simple furniture, paintings dotted the old Hanoi put the entire space just made ​​this place virtual medium. With the old architecture retained, second floor of the café space can ThoCafe is the ideal venue for any event like meeting friends, exchanging job. In particular, a small table placed right in the balcony all year round greenery is shadowed romantic atmosphere for couples who need a privacy interest angle. With the rear table, sat sipping coffee diners can take down small garden beautiful eyes, listening to the sound of life from his early childhood is rising, new exciting feeling how. No restraints that simple, quiet and peaceful it is common sense for anyone coming to ThoCafe café. Sitting in the space where you can casually chat, read the newspaper or simply drink coffee and contemplate life. Each has a private feel, but it seems all entangles, his hook with a moment of Hanoi’s ancient past.

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