Exotica – A cat of exotic beauty

You like the stout, plump appearance and the silly but also cute face of the Persian cat. But you are too busy to be able to care for their thick and long coat daily. So, an Exotica cat as below will be suitable for you …
At a performance show, when spectators passed by a cat litter with the tagline “Exotica” (meaning strangely beautiful), they looked at them mockingly and said, “It looks like a baby.” cats in Persia but their fur is so short. What is “strangely beautiful”? ”
In today’s busy life, cats have become popular pets of families. Cats are too great to keep indoors and they can adapt well whether it is in an apartment or a private home. The Persian cat has been a very popular breed for many years. They represent the largest population of shows and are proud that they make up the largest number of cats registered annually at CFA. However, they need to be groomed and groomed daily to maintain the beauty of their fur. For those who are busy, like the beauty of the Persian cats but do not have enough time to meet their daily care needs, Exotica cats are a great secret for cat lovers. . They are bred in order to meet the standards of the Persian cats in all respects, except one special thing: they have a thick, short and very luxurious coat. The coat of the Exotica cat makes it unique and makes it look as smooth as a teddy bear. This magical “outfit” requires less grooming than the Persian cat and will not be messed up. Because of the ease in caring for this cat, sometimes they are referred to affectionately as “the Persian cat for lazy people”.
Surely you will be wondering: how will living with an Exotica cat be like? Are they like the Persian cats or their short-haired ancestors? Over the years, due to the change in breed and fur, Exotica’s cat personality was formed. By Exotica, the ancestor of the breed, they became more and more significant, so their personalities became more and more like that of a Persian cat. Indeed, there is not much difference between the temperament of these two breeds. Exotica has a gentle, quiet and likable nature. Rarely can you hear its cry. Exotica is an ideal cat because they are a gentle, sweet, gentle and loyal companion. They are also very easy going. In general, Exotica is extremely emotional. They will be quietly begging for your attention by sitting across from you and you will definitely not be able to stop when they look straight into your eyes with a look so irresistible. . They will either jump on your lap to curl up to sleep or they will rub your wet nose against your face. Many prefer to sit on your shoulders and hold you tight when cuddled. Some will not want to sleep with you simply because they prefer cooler places such as on tiled spaces in front of a fireplace or on tiled floors.
Having an Exotica cat in the house is so comfortable. They give you privacy and don’t always require a lot of care. However, they will quietly follow you from room to room simply to be close to you. They are also very funny, funny, naughty but also very sweet as other cats. They will jump to try to grab the toy hanging from the stake until they are exhausted. Or they will sit down to think about how to grab a toy off the shelf where you usually hang it up whenever you stop playing with them.
Usually, people prefer to raise female cats because they think a girl will be more affectionate and sweeter. A lot of people also think that male cats are more aggressive and they have a habit of using urine to mark territory. However, both of these are not true for Exotica. Exotica males are generally more affectionate than females. The female cat is a bit more indifferent, more isolated. Look at them as if they have something more important to do than cuddle with its owner. The Exotica cat matures later than other cats and because all the pets should be sterilized early, you never have to worry about the male cats going to pee. territorial signs and they will follow the “love call” of the female cats

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