Ranking the most unique coffee shop in Saigon

Enjoy coffee in a good location, beautiful views of utmost importance. Now there are many cafes with unique architecture, strange has appeared along with the architectural design movement learn from around the world. In Saigon began forming the cafe with its unique architecture, strange and created a new trend for those who want to discover new things on the coffee cup.

Below I listed and given a ranking of the most unique coffee shop in Saigon unique order from low to high

1. Coffee Kujuz
Address: Tran Quy Khoach, District 1

Kujuz cafe located on a quiet small street of Saigon. Characteristic of the entire shop is the “wall” is made up of countless doors, old windows. The doors are arranged at random just old, just cute very calm, so guests come here, immediately can feel very familiar things of ancient folds.
The quiet and old space, quiet cafe makes it the ideal place to relax, read or concentrate work between Saigon hustle, bustle.
The drinks here are 50 thousand contracts. However, if you spend 100 thousand, they may drink much water as you like and can go and back in one day as if it was your own house so. A good thing in this unique cafe is coming here, you can … Self yourself. Under the guidance of the staff, you choose your favorite drink and self-mixing tinkering and maybe even self-cleaning glass if liked.

2. Coffee Container
Address: Zhongshan, Binh Chanh

This café has led to many curious by being made up of two old container shell. Unlike looks dusty on the outside, inside the shop are installed insulation, with air conditioning creates a cool, luxurious. The glass door of the two containers are arranged very sensible to natural light entered the moderate and warm. However, along with wood furniture, the bar also make use of discarded parts of motorcycles, cars, trucks, such as tires, wheels, orange snails, bearings, hoses, … made into chairs, unique decorations.
This café is not only to attract more young people love to explore but also the rendezvous for the club, play group cars, photography … On the morning of Sunday, shops were organizing an offline meeting for enthusiasts Play motorcycles, jeeps, photography … to exchange and share. The food is plentiful drinking water

3. Coffee “concubine”
Address: Ton That Dam Street, District 1

Located in one old apartment on Ton That Dam (District 1), The Other Person is one of the first shops in Saigon serves under the “maids” for the girls serving style dress Japanese cosplay dress ways including mezzanine, white lace apron even wearing rabbit ears on the hair. Since its appearance, the novelty of this unique coffee has attracted many young people come to shop.
Visit this café, you will be the maid service …
At the shop, right from your door was a “concubine” and are waiting, welcome. When clients have to arrive, and she “almost” will treat customers like this is its true master by Vocative “mistress, his master” as “Mistress what use?”, “Boy all feel happy? “. As a rule, they not only serve drinks, food, but also to talk to visitors about 10, 15 minutes if the “mistress, he was all” wanted to chat. Even the “maids” will also present many games with guests like playing cards, tarot, playing games. Guests are served by the maid as if they were true owner.
Not only the style points by strange but subdued atmosphere, romantic cafe also attract many young people. In addition to these models macaron cake, cheesecake giant, in the bar with a piano for music lovers and are always available to the open television genre amine (animated) of Japan, and even longer to regularly shop cosplay official sessions to meet the needs of visitors to the shop. Drinks at the bar from 35 thousand to cost 55 thousand, which was assessed as suitable for the unique space, new.

4. Coffee “beach”

Address: Nguyen Thi Minh Khai Street, District 3
Appeared not long but the cafe has an area of ​​about 50m² in Nguyen Thi Minh Khai Street, District 3, which were up to attract more customers to visit, even though it caused a little fever in the community who love novelty thanks to design like an artificial beach around. Entering Coffee House, you will be immersed in the white beach sand layer, 15cm thick with shells, shells were brought from Nha Trang.
This cafe is undergoing a thick layer of sand brought from Nha Trang. Also brought to Sai into the sea sand, the bar also building a small lake and feature a whirlpool so here, rather than the music, you will be relaxed by the sea waves and whispering sound as though albatross authentic sea. In particular, to ensure that guests have a relaxing comfortable space, wide bar but only prescribe but with 12 seats so if you want a seat, you must book in advance for a few hours.
Here you will be buried in the sand white legs, enjoy the cool air conditioning. Every day hundreds of visitors welcomed shops, mostly young. They come not only to enjoy the coffee but also enjoy the quiet, space cooling and spoiled against sand and water play. Apart from the novelty of space, drinks prices here also scored plus prices from 20 – 35 thousand / part water.

5. Coffee “toilet”
Address: D2, Binh Thanh District

Finally, a unique cafe coffee shop bearing the name is unique and no less. If you first heard the name of this cafe surely we do not want to. But think for a moment and try to join, you will see the uniqueness that no other being.
If the first step into the café called Toilet Kingdom (D2, Binh Thanh District), you may be “shocked” by what the furniture is made of … toilet porcelain and bulk items other decorations made from a toilet, sink, shower … Not only that, even the materials used in the “work” serve as cups, bowls, plates … were simulated follow with enough toiletries, toilet, bath … but the smaller size and bright colors.
Tables and chairs of the restaurant is “restored from the toilet, washbasin.
This toilet models that many people feel awkward but also a lot of people enjoy and want to experience, especially with the younger customers. At TP. Ho Chi Minh, Toilet Kingdom shop is the only place of business in the form of this bold, the bar menu is quite diverse with 30 dishes drinking water, food, toys in shop price from 1-3usd / each.

If you have spare time, you discover all the cafe above. Ensure that you have an interesting experience in the heart of the city and even more amazing is newly engaged experience has been enjoying a coffee cup with your desired taste.

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