How to make a “Bac xiu” coffee?

Guide faint silver mixing rock and also is secret under preparation following rules will give you a drink is fantastic, with the principle of this preparation makes sharing your skills rise much higher compared with the current, let us do it this way manually offline.
We often hear two words “Bac xiu”. What is “Bac xiu”?

That words were from Mandarin, languages ​​Chinese is common among Chinese living in Saigon. The “Bac xiu”, the phrase referred to the word “Bac tay xiu phe”. “Bac” is white, “Tay” is empty glass, the “Xiu” is a little, and “Phe” is coffee. Clearer, which is a customized beverages: hot milk a little more coffee. Condensed milk diluted with boiling water often smells quite hard drink, so add a little coffee will make it go away.

Guide preparation ice “Bac xiu” coffee

Material :

– Pure fresh milk 150ml

– 2 tablespoon milk

– 1 teaspoon of black coffee

To implement :

– Heat the milk or heated by microwave also.

– For milk and stir well.

– Pour into glasses, add some black coffee.

– Use a spoon beaten up.

To use one can add ice cold in.

So we had a faint silver cup delicious sweet and melt fat right in the mouth sometimes sweet coffee flavor with a little milk will give us an unforgettable feeling when finished using 1 cup of “Bac xiu” coffee.

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