Most expensive Elephant dung coffee

If anyone ever prize weasel coffee and said it was the most delicious coffees and the most expensive, he was wrong. Coffee ferret is one of many types of coffee were found to meet the needs of enthusiasts. Today, there are new trends can call it elephant dung coffee. Like the weasel coffee, but coffee dung is known as the world’s most expensive.
Why most expensive  coffee ?

Whether these words describe the type “that is classified,” or words of praise that it is “God’s gift”, the elephant dung coffee is still the most expensive cup of coffee on the planet.

Known as black ivory, elephant dung coffee is priced at $ 1,500 / kg (31.6 million VND / kg), surpassing the price of coffee is also considered weasel coffee is scrumptious. Currently weasel coffee price from 500 USD – 1000 USD / kg.

If you come to China, the only place you can enjoy coffee elephant was in Macau. In Macau, you can buy coffee elephant with the “soft” rather than 488 Patacas ($ 1.3 million) for 35 grams – plus service fee.

Labor process behind producing premium coffee began elephants in Thailand. Here, elephants are fed Thai Arabica cherries, then they will collect coffee from elephant dung after a time they are “natural fermentation”.

Elephants are the fruit of Thai Arabica coffee, then they will collect coffee from elephant dung after a time they are “natural fermentation”.

Each year only 200kg of elephant dung coffee is produced. Arabica berries just 33 kilos of fresh Thai coffee harvest 1kg elephant dung. The final product is believed to have rich aroma, taste chocolate and chestnut and cherry and tobacco.

Known for stylish elegance, sophistication and coffee are also served at the elephant some 5-star resort in Thailand, Malaysia and the Maldives. At MGM Macau, elephant coffee is served in the VIP gaming rooms.

Coffee not only popular in Macau. In Hong Kong, the number of coffee shops springing up so much in the past 5 years, with a growing taste exquisite relish.

Currently dung coffee is the trend, the average global tastes, but because of limited supply and manufacturing process is quite complex, so to enjoy a cup of coffee dung would be extremely difficult towels for those who want to indulge without getting into a lot of money.

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